Urticaria is commonly known as Hives; or “Serus” in Gujrati language or “Pitta” in some languages. They are a typically red small or big rash which often burns or gives stinging pain. It is mostly due to allergic reaction to something.


  • Medicines: Allergy to certain drugs, or chemicals. Forexample, Some epilepsy medicines, hair dyes, cosmetics are known to produce urticaria.
  • Food: foods like eggs, fish, pulses, wheat, nuts, and certain fruits which results in urticaria. It can develop rashes as immediate as in 30 minutes.
  • Pressure: This type of urticaria appears after skin being under continuous pressure. This generally happens with tight fitted clothing, belts or if skin is pressed against some edge etc.
  • Infestation with intestinal worms: Worms are also common cause but it is mostly missed in adults as well as in kids.
  • Exercise induced urticaria: It is more common during jogging. Typically exercise induced urticaria are smaller wheals. It is associated with itching shortness of breath, low blood pressure. It can worsen up to shock or sudden death too.
  • Solar urticaria: This type of urticarial is experienced on exposure to sun it might be for few minutes to hours.
  • Angioedema: is swelling of all the layers of skin. It can prove fatal.


  • Swelling of throat, Lips mouth, Tongue which can obstruct airflow and can make person breathlessness
  • Swelling of hands, legs, eyes.
  • Pain in abdomen.


Skin becomes

  • Skin gets red elevated patches.
  • Itchy.
  • With burning or stinging sensation.
  • There can be heat sensation in body or in affected parts
  • There are small or big blotches on skin.


Diagnosis is mainly by seeing the patches and by careful history taking by your doctor.

Patient may keep a tract of daily activities, food or medicines consumed, cosmetics used or any other chemical used in any form. This will not only help the patient but also doctor to know exactly which factor is the ‘cause’.

Allergy test can help you to know which factors which might trigger the occurrence of urticria and can avoid that allergen.

Thyroid hormone levels should be checked with urticaria as a precaution because certain immunological thyroid diseases are connected with urticaria.

What homoeopathy has to offer in Urticaria: homoeopathy can help to get rid of the urticaria completely but it will be gradual. It will decrease the intensity of itching. Homeopathic medicine will reduce the aggressive reaction towards any allergic food items and you will be eating all those prohibited food stuffs.

Occasionally, you will have to take help of modern medicines to relieve symptoms slowly homeopathic medicines will reduce this dependency and you will be free of urticaria.

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