A disease is just not a name like Arthritis, Sinusitis, Meiner’s disease, Migraine, Psoriasis or so, it mainly sees an individual as a whole, signs, symptoms, laboratory investigations, physical examination, family history, past tendencies, in order to form the picture of the disease and to treat holistically.
It is not at all mandatory to stop all of these. Only with certain remedies your doctor will advise you to avoid or else to keep some time gap between certain strong odour food stuff and homoeopathic remedies. One can continue his or her food pattern on a regular basis and still continue to be on effective homoeopathic treatment.
These sweet pills are best when taken in the cover of the bottle in which the medicine exists. It is advisable to avoid touching these pills as they tend to lose the medicinal property then. Also avoid consuming the pills if they have fallen down. These pills are more effective even when taken on empty stomach.
As these medicines are very natural, they do not come with any expiry date. It is only when the colour of the pills becomes yellow or if the medicines become too sticky, one needs to discard it. To avoid this, keep the medicines in somewhat dark room in a place away from light, strong odours and such other substances
These are very tiny sweet pills. They can be definitely consumed very easily and pleasantly by infants. One can dissolve the pills in mother’s milk, water or any food substance which the infants take. All age group people can take homoeopathy. Many children love to eat this medicines as they are sweet in taste. And homoeopathy in children works at the level to improve their immunity so that they do not fall sick again and again.
Yes it is 100% safe to take homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy. In fact it helps in making the months of pregnancy go very smoothly. Also many a times, homoeopathic medicines have also helped in avoiding C-sections, helped in reducing labour troubles. In 1st trimester, helps in reducing nausea, vomiting. It helps the mother to be in more peace, reduces anxiety and other stresses.
Yes, one should definitely continue their blood pressure or diabetes or cardiac medications. Vitamins are not medicines, they are supplements for the deficiencies so one should continue taking them for the stipulated time.

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