It is very commonly known as MADRAS EYE. The other name given is STICKY EYE or RED EYE.


It is swelling of the lining of eye or eyelid which can be caused by bacteria or virus.


Viral infections can spread by direct contact with eye secretions or infection can spread by indirect contact with towels, washcloths, handkerchiefs, and such other objects.


INFECTIVE- It is more commonly caused by virus. Children and old people are commonly affected. The virus which causes the infection is mainly adenovirus. Also bacterial is common, found in skin or respiratory.

ALLERGIC- are of 4 types:

  • Seasonal: usually affects both the eyes, and people get it commonly in particular period of time of year.
  • Perennial- usually people will have allergic symptoms daily on waking up, both eyes will have discharge. It may be due to house dust mite.
  • Contact- it is because of substance, especially eye drops, which causes irritation in the eyes.
  • Giant papillary- usually affects the people who use contact lenses, which irritates the eyes.

Conjunctivitis due to irritants like foreign bodies such as: eyelashes, or chemical, chlorine can affect only 1 eye.


  • Soreness or burning in eyes.
  • The white part of the eye becomes red.
  • One may have blurred vision.
  • Watering from eye.
  • If allergic, one may also suffer from sneezing, running nose too.
  • If infective, sticky discharge from eye especially more in morning on waking up due to bacterial infection..


There are many medicines which can just help to cure a person from acute conjunctivitis in just 3 to maximum 5 days, without using any kind of external drops or cream, just by small, sweet, white pills. One should only take care to use clean cloth for wiping the eye and avoid sharing the cloth. In very rare case, if there is no improvement or if vision is getting affected, seek ophthalmologist help

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