Adenoids or rather enlarged adenoids are quite troublesome for kids. Adenoids and tonsil problems often go hand in hand.

Adenoids are small tissues which are situated behind your nose. One can see their tonsils in mirror but adenoids cannot be seen.

Adenoids are helpful tissues for bodies to trap the bacteria, viruses that enter your body through your mouth and nose.

They have major role in fighting infections at young age, but as age progresses body develops other ways to fight infections.

It is natural response of body to increase the size of adenoids. But enlarged adenoids can make it taught to breath and can give rise to following troubles:

  • Blocked or stuffy nose
  • Breathing through mouth
  • Snoring
  • Difficulty in getting peaceful night sleep
  • Swollen glands in neck
  • Ear pain/ infections
  • Nasal voice
  • Problems in pronouncing ‘m’ and ‘N’ etc.

These all are also responsible for absenteeism at school and can interfere growth and development of child


Most of the time, after confirming the diagnosis through X-ray or scopy it is often advised to go for removal of adenoids. But,

What homoeopathy can offer?

Homoeopathic treatment is often excellent for adenoids to the extent that it can avoid surgery. It offers natural alternative healing approach. It will try to correct the root of the problem.

This will take its gradual pace and your kid will be symptom free without a surgical knife.

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